Sarah Gregg - The Reiki Drum Technique
woodland glade


Sarah and Jon"Fantastic. Sarah has structured a life changing course that adds volumes to your current Reiki experience. Reiki Drumming is a powerful and exciting healing technique. Sarah brings over the technique very well and teaches it with compassion and an excellent professional attitude."
- Kevin Air, Reiki Master Teacher, London

"The Reiki Drumming was absolutely wonderful, insightful and awe inspiring. Sarah has created a wonderful course and the book and accompanying information supplied are brilliant. These weekends always teach me so much. Things which have been an issue for me always appear clearer afterwards. The other students and Sarah were brilliant and the experiences will stay with me forever. I can't wait to take the skills away with me and to heal with this astounding healing energy." - Emma Horne, Reiki Master Teacher, London

"Lovely course, very relaxing room and atmosphere, great group of people and lovely energy. Energising and tiring all at the same time. I got loads of insight and learned a huge amount. Was made very welcome. Hope to go on at a later date and do the Reiki Drum Technique teaching course. Thanks so much for a lovely, healing weekend. Better than expected."
- Kay Milton, Reiki Master Teacher, Essex

A Reiki Drum lesson"Really lovely weekend, thank you. Excellent manual, very informative. Lovely setting, and you a very angelic being. Enjoyed everything and your lovely garden. Thanks Sarah for your love and enthusiasm, contagious." - Seeliana, Reiki Master Teacher, Surrey

"This class enables an individual to expand their ability and consciousness on so many levels in so many ways - I'm going out on a different plane than the one I came in on! Well thought out, well presented and extremely encouraged throughout. Working in a safe place, learning new skills was very special. Everyone undertaking this course or working with Sarah is very lucky to have walked along her path with her. I am very glad I undertook this training with Sarah." - Pauline Ward, Reiki Drum Student, Lincolnshire

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the fantastic yet gentle and informative introduction to Reiki Drumming a few weeks ago. I've given several treatments on friends and family since the course and each of these has been received with amazement, curiosity and joy. I am incredibly impressed with the power of Reiki Drumming. Prior to doing the course I didn't really have any idea of its impact and ability to reach the parts that need it! I really enjoyed the course as not only did I learn the principles of such a wonderful technique but the experience gave me further insights into working with Reiki energy that have already enhanced and benefited my Reiki practise. Many thanks, wishing you lots of fun with your drum, I look forward to helping spread the Reiki Drum word across the UK and beyond." - Fay Johnstone - Reiki Master, Hertfordshire