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Dear Friends, sadly June made her transition very suddenly on Friday morning 4th January.  I just wanted to acknowledge her passing by way of this blog because I have been blogging about her journey for the past two years and several people have asked me how she is in the past couple of days.    June was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a very aggressive and terminal cancer at the beginning of January 2011 and was given only six weeks to live at that time.  The orthodox medical profession said there was nothing more they could do for her, so she embarked on a completely natural and alternative approach to her cancer, details of which can be found in previous blog posts.

June showed immense courage and bravery over the past two years and was blessed to be able to spend those years at home with her family and friends.  She was able to have two extra years to say goodbye to her loved ones and finish things she had wanted to finish.  She did not have to endure countless hospital or doctors visits.  Occasionally a GP would pop out to visit her, out of curiosity I think.  They kept calling her a miracle, which she was.

I spent Christmas Day with June and she was incredibly well, even commenting on the fact that it was two year’s since the diagnosis.  The family were struck with a really virulent flu virus over Christmas, I even sucuumbed, and I never get the flu,   and it was the virus which she died of.  It was just too much for her weakened immune system to cope with.  Over the past six months she had also been slowly weaning herself off the protocol she had been on.  I think she was preparing to die, and her illness was very quick and short lived.

The 21st December 2012 began a new era for everyone, the adage being “the end of the world as you know it”.  So we are embarking on a new beginning as a family, although June will be sorely missed.  She was one of the most generous, kind hearted ladies I have ever had the privilege to meet and I am extremely grateful to have had her as a mother in law.  I and many others admired her greatly for her courage over the past few years.  Even at the end of her life she refused all pain medication and died peacefully at home with her family.  I know she will be looking down on the family, and she is only on the other side of the veil.

Thank you to those of you who have been sending her Reiki during the past two years.  It was very noticeable when she was having bad days that it picked her up immensely.

I have lots of things to share with you blog wise, but just wanted to acknowledge June and her life in this post.   In gratitude, Sarah x

Dear Sound Healing Friends, I’ve just returned from the  College of Sound Healing’s annual conference.  It was lovely to catch up with old friends and make some new acquaintances too.  It was a joy to bump into my friend Phil McNamara at the conference.  Phil and I trained together on our Gong Practitioner’s Course with the College.  Phil has had a life long interest in gongs, and besides a more recent interest with gong sound healing, has played as a percussionist in various different orchestras throughout the UK.  As such, he is something of an expert on gongs, and I would like to recommend his recent book, Gongs and Tam-Tams:  A Guide for Percussionists, Drummers and Sound Healers.  I often get asked during gong baths about the gongs and this book is an excellent resource if you want to find out more about the actual different gongs that are available around the world.

Gongs and Tam-Tams:  A Guide for Percussionists, Drummers and Sound Healers can be sourced from Sound Travels as well as YPD Books and Waterstones and is highly recommended for those of you who would like to purchase your own gong and are bemused by the different ones available.  This book is a one-stop shop covering all aspects of these fascinating instruments. With information about their construction, history, and playing techniques as well as the paraphernalia needed in terms of beaters, cases and stands, cleaning and care, and a comprehensive listing and description of many of the gongs available today or in the recent past.

This book is intended for anyone interested in gongs, from players through to sound healers, including composers, music arrangers, and students of music, metallurgy and percussion history. It is believed to be the first book of its kind in the World, and would be an excellent Christmas present for anyone who is just about to embark on their gong journey.

Another reminder about the Reiki Drum Share next March 24th in Essex.  As always, it’s booking up fast.  There are about 15 spaces left.  Please let me know should you like to attend and I will reserve you a place.  The same applies for the North Cornwall Reiki retreat which is being held around the Summer Solstice next June 17-21st.  This is going to be the most magical of the retreats I have run over the past few years.  It truly is not to be missed and there are a handful of places remaining.  This retreat will be a wonderful opportunity to deepen your Reiki practise in beautiful, high vibrational surroundings so conducive to self development and healing.  Please let me know if you would like further information.

I have a beautiful three days ahead of me.  Shoden tomorrow, followed by two days of Okuden and a Reiki Share tomorrow night… what bliss!  I am looking forward to seeing some of you at our Sawbridgeworth Yule chant evening on 6th December and of course for the Ascension Evening 12.12.12 which is going to be AMAZING!

With love xxx

Forthcoming Events:

  • November 23 – Reiki Share (Students only) 1930 hrs (donation).
  • December 6 – Christmas/Yule Sacred Chant Evening, 0730-0930 hrs, Sawbridgeworth. Fee £8 payable on the night
  • December 12 – Ascension Evening 12.12.12. A magical evening of sound commencing with sacred drumming, a special group Ascension Ceremony and a hour long gong bath meditation. Sheering Village Hall, Sheering, Essex.  Doors open 07:00 pm, last entry 07:25 pm.  Gong Bath  ends at 10:00 pm.  – Fee £20 payable in advance.  An evening to celebrate our interconnectness with like minded. (Full)
  • January 26 & 27 – Reiki Drum Practitioner Class, Sawbridgeworth
  • February 2 & 3 – Reiki One Shoden
  • February 9 & 10 – Reiki Two Okuden
  • Sunday March 24th 2013 – Reiki Drum Share, Sheering, Essex to celebrate the Spring Equinox 10:00-16:30  Fee £20 payable in advance.
  • Monday 17th-Friday 21st June 2013 – Reiki Retreat, Tintagel, Cornwall
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