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Everywhere I go at present I’m being bombarded by hearts.  Friends have been wearing heart shaped earrings, Christmas cards are arriving with hearts on them, the small white lights we have decked on the cypress tree in our garden rearranged themselves in the wind to form a heart shape.  I’ve just returned from an Open Your Heart retreat with Tim Wheater and Chloe Goodchild.  On the way there I drove through Hartfield and then noticed the gloves I had picked out of my cupboard had hearts on them (which I’d never noticed before!).  Of course during the retreat we chanted the Heart Sutra, worked our way through the seven sounds of Love and one of the poems I synchronistically picked out during the weekend was all about love and the heart.  A few days ago my beautiful friend Celia sent me a truly exquisite heart shaped necklace… and so the message from the Universe is obviously to be love, feel love, speak love, breathe love, sing love, hear love and walk love!   A message for all of us with the new energies that are coming in for 2012 and beyond.

A few weeks ago I had my aura photo taken, a very healthy shade of green (apparently a must for a healing practitioner) and we conducted a little experiment.  I placed my right hand on my Antahkarana and my left hand on the sensors for the aura machine.  The machine has a programme which shows the condition of one’s chakras at any given time.  I know from the healing work I do that my heart chakra tends to be very open 99.9% of the time.  It was interesting to watch all of my other energy centres enlarge as I held my hand on the Antahkarana, but the heart chakra diminished just slightly, bringing me perhaps back to a normal heart chakra condition.  Many healing practitioners and therapists have their heart centres wide open which can often leave them prone to giving too much in their wish to help others with little time spent for themselves. The Antahkarana was bringing me back to a more balanced place. Despite this, I mentally started repeating the words “I am love” and it was amazing to watch the centre open really wide again.  This is perhaps worth noting when life throws things at us which could potentially close our hearts (anger, distrust, despair).

During this time of year, the festive season is very much a season of the heart.  Our hearts allow us to be generous to others, to be kind, to experience the joy of celebration and the joy of giving and receiving.  Our hearts allow us to bask in the love of our friends and families, as well as allowing us to be compassionate to those less fortunate.    Often people find themselves with family members who challenge them at this time of year, and the energy of the heart also provides tolerance and allows us to forgive those who may have hurt us in the past.

For those of you who have not come across the Antahkarana before, it’s a non-traditional Reiki and Universal Symbol used by Western Reiki Master Teachers and by many different cultures and spiritual disciplines for healing and connecting to one’s Higher Self.  It is said that by simply having the symbol in your presence, it will have a positive effect on the chakras and the aura, as was demonstrated during my aura reading.  I teach this particular symbol on my Usui Reiki Master Teacher course should you be interested in working with this powerful symbol further.  The picture on the left is of one of the Antahkaranas we produce.  Should you wish to purchase a bespoke sculpure of the Antahkarana, please contact us for individual pricing.

I personally tend to always celebrate the Winter Solstice and Yule every year as my major festival and not so much the Christmas experience, shying away from commercialism and over indulgence.  I find this season for me is a time of deep meditation, reflection and insight which allows me to review the experiences of the past year and have vision for the forthcoming one.  Following a lovely weekend at the Open Your Heart retreat which set the tone for my period of reflection, I have started on a two week juice and water fast before the long awaited 2012 dawns.

Next year I’m going to be running several exciting retreats and events  which will for myself and the participants be heart opening events!  We will start off with the Reiki Drum Share in March which is looking like it’s going to be a fabulous day, with lots of people already coming from all around the UK.  We are planning on having the aura photography unit there for people to see their own energy fields.  The Sound & Light Retreat in April will be a joyous occasion, celebrating Beltane and is a wonderful introductory weekend to sound healing and finding your voice in the high vibrational centre, Dev Aura.  In July we are holding the very special Reiki retreat at Glastonbury Abbey Retreat House (Glastonbury being the Heart chakra of our planet), very apt for the heart opening energy of 2012.  I’ve also recently finalised the details of next year’s Reiki Drum Practitioner & Samhain Residential which due to the success of this year’s retreat is going to be extended an extra day so we can enjoy even more drumming.  I would definitely encourage people who are interested in learning the technique to attend that retreat if possible. It’s a marvellous opportunity to learn the Reiki Drum teachings over four days with lots of added extras at the auspicious turn of the Celtic New Year.   Currently all of these events have spaces remaining should you be interested in joining us and details can be found on the Retreats page.

I’m now running twice monthly gong/sound healing evenings in Sawbridgeworth,  East Herts on or around the new and full moons.  The evenings are limited to six people maximum.  We start with meditation and breathing exercises followed by the gong/sound bath which lasts an hour and is followed by light refreshments and time for people to share their experiences or just get to know each other.  Synchronistically people who are meant to be together on these evenings are guided by the Universe to attend, and they are very healing and enlightening.  Cost is £16.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this particular event, then please email me at I was fortunate to find a Neptune Gong on the second hand market recently to add to my growing collection.  Neptune is the gong of the Mystic and brings in the energy of the mystical, dreams, art, poetry, music, spiritual devotion, psychic abilities and ESP, compassionate, sacrificial, psychic and cosmic awareness. Whenever a new gong comes into my life, the energy of that gong also arrives and I’m loving this new energy very much, it seems to fit nicely at this period in time.

So all that remains is for me to wish you all Solstice blessings, a joyous Yule and a Happy Christmas.  Let us open our hearts and embrace whatever our earth journeys have in store for us during 2012.

Forthcoming Classes and Events

Gong/Sound Evening – January 9th (Full), January 23rd (Full), February 6th (Full), February 23rd, March 8th

Reiki One (Shoden) – January 28th& 29th

Reiki Two (Okuden) – February 14th & 15th

Reiki Drum – January 21st and 22nd, March 3rd & 4th

Reiki Master Teacher – 18th -20th May

Karuna Reiki – 10th & 12th February

Reiki Drum Share – 25th March, Sheering, Essex

Sound & Light Retreat – 27th-29th April, Lincolnshire

Reiki Retreat – 5th-8th July, Glastonbury

Reiki Drum & Samhain Residential – 26th-29th October, Suffolk

A theory abounds that the end times the prophets and seers have foretold is happening as I type.  2011 has been a year of chaos for many of us, a year when we’ve been tested to our limits, when we have seen exactly what we are made of in terms of strength and staying power!  Carl Calleman, an independent Swedish researcher,  has made it his life’s work to investigate the Mayan Calendar.  His theory is that the end of humanity’s current consciousness actually occurs in the coming few weeks, not the 21st December 2012.  The important thing to remember is that this particular theory is not a domesday theory of our world coming to an abrupt halt, but rather a shift in our consciousness, moving us gradually away from the concept of duality and into the awareness that there is no separation, of our oneness and union as individual parts of the whole, something spiritual seekers work out on their way to an enlightened state of mind.  Whatever has been going on this year, the energy has been intense.  Oppressive regimes have been overthrown, economies have crashed, the people are standing up for their rights, Mother Earth has expressed her anger in terms of earthquakes and tsunamis, and reflecting the energy of oneness that the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbolises, all of this has filtered down from the macrocosm to the microcosm with all of our lives being affected in some way or another.

This chaos has affected all of us, but Sensitives have been especially affected by the intense energy.  So much so that I realised I had to take a couple of weeks off at the beginning of October to water and juice fast so I could make sense of it all!  During a fast higher consciousness thinking comes through very clearly without the gross matter of food to impede it, and makes sense of everything that is going on in one’s life, so I managed to attain some clarity in this way.  Many of my friends and colleagues have expressed that they are currently feeling “stuck” and having difficulty in moving forward, and I too was feeling that energy, but the fast has got things moving again!  The concept that came through abundantly clear during this time was one of the Reiki precepts, “Shinpai Suna –  Do Not Worry”.  Most of this year has been spent “worrying” about one thing or another.  Family illness (my mother-in-law’s cancer diagnosis and both beloved family pets having serious illnesses), a major house build taking place in front of my home taking away any peace and quiet I could have hoped for, various challenges in the work place and a world that seemed to have gone quite mad!  But through all of this, here I am on 24th October and absolutely none of my worries have come to pass.  My family members and pets are all alive and well, my house remains a tranquil haven as the building work comes to an end, my work continues to bring me joy and remuneration and the world is just working through its issues, allowing people to rise to the challenges it offers in a profoundly humbling and inspiring way.  So it would be beneficial for us to contemplate the Reiki precept Shinpai Suna in the midst of chaos and realise the current moment is the only moment there is and how important it is to live in the now.

I wanted to blog this week and let everyone know about a fantastic opportunity that starts tomorrow.  For those of you who have been following this blog, you will know that despite all of the odds, my mother-in-law, June, who was diagnosed with a terminal cancer in December 2010 and not expected to live past February 2011,  is still very much with us,  all thanks to following a completely natural health regime of naturopathic nutrition, herbal medicine, energy and body work.  Tomorrow there is the marvellous opportunity to listen in on the Healing Cancer World Summit.  If you haven’t done so already, you still have time to register for free to listen to some of the world’s top leaders in the field of Cancer and Natural and Integrated Healthcare.  Go to this link to register for free access to these interviews over the coming days.  Healing Cancer World Summit

Well if this weekend is the end of the Mayan calendar as Calleman states I will be in good company as I am facilitating this year’s annual Reiki Drum Residential and Samhain retreat at the beautiful Phoenix Centre on the Suffolk Coast.  I’m hugely excited about this weekend which will give those who are attending the marvellous opportunity to share the Reiki Drum teachings at the auspicious time of the Celtic New Year.  It will provide a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months.

Next year’s Reiki retreat is almost full, but I do still have a few spaces left on the Sound & Light weekend to be held around Beltane at the end of April, should any of you wish to join us for a light filled weekend at the incredibly high vibrational spot of Dev Aura.

And finally, I graduated from the College of Sound Healing’s Gong Practitioner course in October and am now offering regular monthly gong baths in Sawbridgeworth, East Herts as well as personal gong and sound healing treatments.  My gratitude goes out  to Sheila Whittaker who was the tutor for the course and whose expertise, support and wisdom was a true blessing and very much appreciated. I am now the proud custodian of a Mars gong which has added extra vitality to the sessions offered by my Symphonic and Venus gongs.  Recipients of its energy have been quite amazed at how much their own energy has been boosted by the Mars power!  I’m very much looking forward to this new adventure into the world of sound healing and believe it will be as exciting a one as the Reiki Drumming journey has been.  I am still receiving marvellous feedback about the Reiki Drum CD – A Bridge Between The Worlds.  Should you wish to purchase a copy as a gift before the Festive season begins, the CDs are available from the Reiki Drum online shop.

Wishing you special Samhain blessings!

Forthcoming Classes and Events

Reiki Drum Practitioner –   5/6 November

Reiki Drum Practitioner & Samhain Residential Retreat – 28-30 October (Full)

Reiki Share, Sawbridgeworth, 21st November(Students only)

Reiki Master Teacher (Shinpiden) 18-20 November

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