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Reiki Second Degree (Practitioner Course) – Okuden

Prerequisite Reiki I

Okuden brings a deeper understanding of the Reiki energies as well as an increase in abilities. This is practitioner level and gives the student more tools to work with. On completion of six case studies, you will be awarded a practitioner certificate. A certificate of attendance will be issued to all students for those who only wish to study for their own benefit and not practise professionally.

Course Structure
The Three Reiki II Symbols
Reiki Meditations
General Meditations and Visualisations
Two Reiki II Attunements
Practical energy work with the Reiki II Symbols
Second Degree Treatments and how Symbols can be used
Developing our Psychic Senses
Creating Sacred Space
Mental/Emotional Treatment
quoteThe Hui Yin
Techniques to amplify Reiki
Treating Low Energy Levels
Distant Healing
The Gakkai
Reiju Empowerment
Japanese Techniques
Using Crystals and Essential Oils with Reiki
Becoming a Practitioner
Practical hands on treatment using variety of techniques

Forthcoming Dates 2017: 21 & 22 October
Forthcoming Dates 2018: 3 & 4 March 22 & 23 September
Duration of Course: 2 days Fee: £190 Deposit: £80

Venue: Sawbridgeworth, East Herts

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