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I have been teaching an Okuden Reiki Second Degree class today and one of the subjects which came up was the question of how others view our Reiki journey.   When I first started on my spiritual journey at what seems a long time ago now, but in the grand scheme of things isn’t really, I was so excited about the new things I was discovering about life, why I thought I was here on this planet, how energy worked, how the Universe worked.  Sharing my thoughts with others didn’t last too long as I realised that people thought I was kooky, eccentric or dare I say a little bit strange and I was very selective about who I discussed things with, keeping it to the trusted few, mindful that negativity and ignorance had a detrimental effect on my own way of thinking.

Over the past twenty years I have completely immersed myself in search of spiritual, energetic and esoteric knowledge and have noticed the more confident I became in my understanding, the less concerned I became of others opinion of my thoughts, words and actions pertaining to my spiritual quest.  The Reiki path, a path of the Heart, has made me even more secure in my knowledge and confident in myself.

I see when students take their first step on the Reiki path at Reiki First Degree level they are going through similar experiences.  They have a thirst for knowledge but are often misunderstood by their families and peers because of their different understanding.   What I share with them is my story in that as you become more and more secure in yourself and what you believe in, your concerns of what people think disappear and you are aware you are on a journey of self development and growth with a mission to share your findings, to wake people up and set them on their own spiritual path.   Students will often find they start to meet people of a similar vibration and are often surprised to find that there are often a handful of Reiki people already in their own circle of acquaintances.  Like attracts like and as you grow on your path, people either grow with you or you meet others who you will resonate with.   It does not matter if someone thinks your spiritual beliefs are “out there”,   perhaps what you share with them will have greater meaning later on in their lives and you will have sown a seed which will assist them in their own journey.  It takes courage to speak one’s truth, but here in the West we are fortunate to no longer live in an era of fear and condemnation concerning our spiritual beliefs.

In these changing times when we are going through so much transformation on the earth plane; environmental, fiscal, in the community and in our consciousness, it is a joy and a privilege as well as a responsibility to be able to share this knowledge with others so that they too can embrace the spiritual path and speak their truth.  So for those of you who have just stepped upon this path and can relate to my words, take heart that you are part of an every growing tribe of people resonating with this higher consciousness and helping the planet move towards a critical mass so that we can evolve and grow as a species.


  1. When I first became aware of “the new movement” back in 1998 I had my first Reiki lesson and met some very interesting people, But same as you experienced, when talking to “normal” people they misunderstood and thought that I was ready for a strait jacket. Sadly since moving to the UK in November that year I have lost touch with Reiki environment and even though I still have a thirst for knowledge in all things I have not yet found anyone close by with which to share that knowledge. All in all I regularly look at the Reiki Principles to make sure i dont forget

  2. Drum says:

    Hello Daniel, great to hear from you. I don’t know in which part of the country you are living, but there are lots of Reiki practitioners around, it’s just locating them. If you go onto the UK Reiki Federation’s website you’ll find a list of local practitioners/Reiki teachers in different areas within the UK. You can also source a list of Reiki share groups from the UK Reiki Federation. Like attracts like, so I’m sure it won’t be too long before you meet up with some fellow Reiki souls. The heartening thing is that nowadays Reiki is being more accepted within the mainstream in the UK, being practised in hospital environments, corporations etc.

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