Sarah Gregg - The Reiki Drum Technique

Yule Christmas TreeTime has run out on me this year but I could not see 2013 out without wishing all my friends and acquaintances a beautiful Yule.  2013 has been a year of adaptation for many of us – a year when we have assimilated the changes of 2012.  For Reiki Drum, the year has had some amazing highs with a variety of incredible events, but at not such a frenetic pace as previous ones!  However, it appears it was the lull before the storm as the Reiki Drum diary is jampacked for 2014 with lots of regular activities such as the Reiki Drum Share and Annual Reiki Retreat, Classes, sound baths and clinic sessions, but we also have a few new workshops and events scheduled, details of which will be posted in the year and are no less exciting!

In the meantime, wishing you all a beautiful festive period.  Cherish your loved ones, we walk with them for such a short time on this Earth.   Looking forward to connecting with you again in 2014 which promises as a Horse year in the Chinese Zodiac to be a fast and powerful one!

Sending love and Reiki blessings, Sarah x

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